Personnel Edit

Johanath Davis: vocals

Reginald "Feildy" Arvizu: bass guitar

James "Munky" Shaffer: guitars

Ray Luzier: drums

Ross Robinson: producer

production Edit

Korn has annouce that in July 2008 they will start recording their 9th studio album.

Sound Edit

The album sounds very similar to their first two albums, and has been said to sound relatively close to their sixth album, Take A Look In The Mirror.

Tracks Edit

1. Uber-Time

2. Oildale (Leave me Alone)

3. Pop a Pill

4. Fear Is A Place To Live

5. Move On

6. Lead The Parade

7. Let The Guilt Go

8. The Past

9. Never Around

10. Are You Ready To Live?

11. Holding All These Lies

Triva Edit

this is the 2nd album without davids. and 3 rd album without head.

The song Haze has already debut live and has been recorded for Ubisoft's game "Haze" as well it has been leaked on Youtube.