"Ball Tongue" is the second track off their debut self-titled album, Korn. This song is about a man who worked with the band on T-Shirt designs. In Brian "Head" Welch's book "Save Me From Myself," he specifically comments on Ball Tongue. He did work with the band but he was the band's main meth supply during the first CD when they all did meth behind each other's back. The reason he was called Ball Tongue because he would get so high on meth he would sit, eyes wandering aimlessly with his tongue hanging out in a ball. As is common with heavy methamphetamine users. Ball Tongue eventually turned on them, stealing electronics and other musical instruments, hence the lyrics "You were my brother, the friendship ends."

This song is the first of Korn's works that includes Davis' unique scat vocals. Brian sang the "Ball Tongue" lines in the song.