"Children of the Korn" is a song written and recorded by Korn and rapper Ice Cube for Korn's third studio album, Follow the Leader. It was released as the album's third single in 1999. A music video was not filmed, nor did the commercial single chart in any region of the world.

Jonathan Davis' thoughts on this songEdit

"That's the song that Ice Cube is on. Cube came up with the title. I fed off of what he wrote, he was talking about growing up and puberty. Dictating what he can do, like how you gonna tell me how to live, And all this stuff. And I took that and in my stuff I was talking about being a kid always known as the town fag. It's funny how things change. That some of these people picked on me and all of a sudden look who's laughing now. Also in another one of the verses I talked about all these parents fuckin' hating me for what I do, saying I'm corrupting their children, but in turn these parents need to step outside of themselves and really listen to what I'm talking about. Then I think they can understand that they were kids before. They're just really quick to judge me. All the Children of The Korn are all our Korn fans. All those kids going through that shit and feeling what I feel."

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