Korn thoughtless
"Thoughtless" is the sixth song on the album "Untouchables" and the second single for it. It consist of a bass intro, which leads into the main verse.


  • Untouchables
  • Thoughtless

Music VideoEdit

The music video for Thoughtless, directed by The Hughes Brothers, is about a high schooler (played by Aaron Paul) who is being bullied by his classmates. He is shown being beaten in the hallways and swimming pools, and eventually walks into the school prom with a strange woman. He then proceeds to vomit on all the kids who picked on him, leaving them disgusted and humiliated. All the while, Korn can be seen performing in a red room that is represented to be his brain.

There were talks in production of the concept of a video version where the person who is being bullied pulls out a gun at the prom and proceeds to shoot everyone instead of vomiting on them.

This version was never actually recorded (Yes, this version was in fact recorded and I've seen it.) and to this day only two versions exist - that of the band and integrated school scenes featuring Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame, and another version featuring only the band in the 'red room'.